College Survival Guide: What Do You Need for Your College Kitchen

Freshman year you didn’t have to worry about cooking and preparing your own food because you had access to a dining plan and you could buy food on campus.  Now for year two, you are moving to on-campus housing that has a kitchen or moving into an apartment. So, what do you need to bring?

Below is a brief list of kitchen necessities to get you started on your first kitchen:

  • Silverware: Make sure you have a couple forks, spoons and knives for your meals!
  • Plates, bowls, cups etc: Make sure you have dishware for you to eat your meals out of!
  • Skillet: This is perfect to cook your eggs for breakfast or your chicken for dinner.
  • Small saucepan: This is a lifesaver when you need to make ramen or heat up your canned soup.
  • Bigger pot: A pot is great for boiling water for pasta or when you have to meal prep.
  • Medium mixing bowl: You never know when you have the urge to make pancakes at midnight.
  • Knives: This will be helpful for cutting vegetables and fruits for snacks the next day.
  • Cutting board: To have a surface to cut your foods.
  • Blender: This is perfect for smoothies on the go.
  • Toaster: An essential for those rushed morning when you want to toast your bagel.
  • Baking sheet: For those late-night cravings for chocolate chip cookies.
  • Oven mitt: So, you don’t burn your hands as you take your chocolate chip cookies out of the oven.
  • Water filter pitcher: To filter water so you can refill your water bottle for class every day.
  • Reusable water bottle: To carry water to your classes.
  • Can opener: To be able to open the can of beans you so badly need for your dinner.
  • Spatula: Perfect for mixing.
  • Whisk: Perfect for making scrambled eggs.
  • Wooden spoon: To use when you got to mix batter or stir your pasta.

This is a very short list that will help you get started on your very first kitchen! Comment below if you think of any other lifesaver kitchen items!

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