How to Properly Organize Your Refrigerator

After hauling your heavy grocery bags full of foods and ingredients that you will need for the rest of the week to your apartment, you drop them in from of your refrigerator door. You look blankly at your empty refrigerator confused on how to organize your food.

Below is how you should properly organize your refrigerator for food safety from top to bottom:

  1. Prepared Foods: This includes all foods that have been fully cooked or prepared. This includes leftovers from last night dinner, tomorrow prepared lunch or even takeout.
  2. Fruits and Vegetables: Next is all your fruits and vegetables. By storing all your fruits and vegetables above the raw meat it will stop them from being contaminated.
  3. Fish and Seafood: This is everything from shrimp, salmon, and tilapia!
  4. Beef and Pork: Store your pork and beef cuts above the ground meats!
  5. Ground Meats: This includes ground turkey to ground beef… ANY type of ground meats.
  6. Poultry: All your poultry goes at the very bottom. This includes chicken wing, legs, thighs, and whole chicken!

By organizing your refrigerator in this order, you are preventing cross-contamination and sickness from occurring! Now you will be a professional at sorting and putting away your groceries!

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