Lunch Prep 101

This is a quick guide to help you plan your lunches for the week. If this is your first-time meal prepping it might take a few tries but don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you!

1. Buy meal prep containers

  • This way you have somewhere to store your lunch in. The best way is to buy a cheap set of Tupperware that have multiple of the same containers.

2. Decide what you want for lunch

  • Think about a recipe what you would like for lunch and that you have the capacity to make in your kitchen. Remember you are making multiple servings of this meal. Plan on making three to five servings. Also, keep mind that you would want to make a meal you will enjoy since you will be eating it a few times that week. Some great ideas include pasta, sandwiches, taco bowls and stir fry.

3. Set time aside for meal prep

  • Meal prep will take time, but it will also save you time later in the week. Make sure you set enough time to be able to prepare food for the rest of the week. Remember you aren’t just making one meal but multiple meals so it will take longer than cooking a normal single meal.

4. Start your meal prep!

  • You don’t have to prepare every single part of your meal if you have a preference. For example, if you want to cook your vegetables the day of, then just portion and prepare them for cooking. However, complex carbohydrates like rice, quinoa, and pasta take a while to cook so it is best to cook them ahead of time.

Try new recipes until you find one you like and can master. Meal prep and lunch prep is great because it saves time during the busy school week and you will already have a lunch ready to grab in the morning.

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