Stay physically active during the busiest time of the quarter!

Finals’ week is a very stressful and busy time for students, and it is also one of the most crucial times we have to be focusing on our health! Staying physically active is an important health behavior and has also been proven to decrease levels of stress and anxiety. If you are worried about not having enough time to work out, here are some easy ways to incorporate more physical activity:

  • Walk to school. Try leaving your house or apartment 5-15 minutes early and taking a longer route just to get more steps in!
  • Take the stairs. Rather than taking the elevator to the 5th floor of Kennedy
    Library, take just a few minutes more by getting your heart rate up by walking up the stairs.
  • Be prepared. Keep a bag of gym clothes in a locker at the Cal Poly Recreation Center and every time you want a 30 minute study break head to the gym to blow off some steam.
  • Take advantage of your relaxation time. Whenever you’re in a comfortable place and don’t have much to do (like when you’re at home watching t.v. or at a friend’s house) try doing a few sit ups, planks, jumping jacks, anything to get yourself moving.
  • Prioritize your time. When making a schedule of your week remember that
    staying active is important, so write that time it.
  • Get a buddy. Gather up your friends and take a class at the Cal Poly Recreation Center or go for a run together to keep each other motivated.

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