Social Media Limits

In a time where technological advancements are flourishing, the benefits to social media can be clear. However, more studies are finding evidence that social media can be detrimental to our health. A study done by Fabio Sabatini at Sapienza University of Rome in Italy and Francesco Sarracino at STATEC in Luxembourg looks in-depth at the factors involved in this controversial topic to determine whether the use of these online networks reduces individual’s wellbeing.

The study included a survey with detailed questions related to life satisfaction and use of social networks. Based on data collected from the survey, in regards to one factor that was looked at, they found that people who had more face-to-face interactions compared to online interactions tended to have more trust in people. As a result, people assessed their wellbeing more positively if they had more face-to-face interactions. It was clarified, however, that it is more specifically the loss of trust in interactions on online social networks that can affect individual wellbeing. It was concluded that the use of social network sites is associated with lower trust in people. Research in this area is continuous given this is such a controversial topic.

For more information about the study visit the link below:

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